Biovica Signs Agreement with Leading Healthcare Provider in Arizona

Biovica Signs Agreement with Leading Healthcare Provider in Arizona

Biovica, a company specializing in blood-based biomarker assays for monitoring cancer progression, has announced a commercial agreement with a prominent healthcare provider operating over 30 hospital laboratories, mostly in Arizona. This agreement will give patients in the southwest region of the United States access to Biovica’s DiviTum® TKa assay.

Warren Cresswell, President of the Americas at Biovica, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, stating that it will bring both widespread awareness and accessibility to DiviTum® TKa in the southwest region.

DiviTum® TKa is an assay that measures cell proliferation by detecting the TKa biomarker in the bloodstream. It has shown promising results in clinical trials and provides valuable insights into the effectiveness of cancer therapies. The initial application of the test focuses on treatment monitoring for patients with metastatic breast cancer.

Biovica collaborates with renowned cancer institutes and pharmaceutical companies to further enhance cancer care. DiviTum® TKa has received FDA 510(k) clearance in the US and is CE-marked in the EU.

For more information about Biovica and its innovative biomarker assays, visit their official website.

– Biovica International

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