Billy Chemirmir, Serial Killer of Elderly Women, Found Dead in Prison

Billy Chemirmir, Serial Killer of Elderly Women, Found Dead in Prison

Billy Chemirmir, the man responsible for a string of murders targeting elderly women in the Dallas area, has been found dead in his prison cell. Chemirmir would pose as a healthcare aid or maintenance worker to gain access to the homes and senior living centers of his victims. He would then smother them with a pillow and steal their valuables. The killings were initially thought to be from natural causes, but a survivor’s testimony led to Chemirmir’s arrest.

Chemirmir had already been convicted in two of the killings and was facing 22 capital murder charges in total. However, prosecutors decided not to seek the death penalty, much to the disappointment of the victims’ families. Chemirmir was serving two life sentences without the possibility of parole at the time of his death.

The Texas Department of Criminal Justice has confirmed that Chemirmir’s cellmate, who is serving a sentence for murder, was responsible for killing him, but no further details have been released. The Office of Inspector General is currently investigating the incident.

Chemirmir’s arrest came after a survivor, Mary Annis Bartel, reported an attack in which he tried to smother her with a pillow and stole her jewelry. Police found Chemirmir the next day with jewelry and cash, as well as a jewelry box that contained incriminating evidence.

The charges against Chemirmir grew as police re-examined deaths across the Dallas area. Many of the victims’ children were initially confused by their mothers’ deaths, as they were still healthy and active. Chemirmir was eventually convicted in the killings of Lu Thi Harris and Mary Brooks.

During the sentencing, some of the victims’ families offered forgiveness, while others expressed disappointment that Chemirmir did not receive the death penalty. The impact of Chemirmir’s actions on the victims’ families was evident in their emotional statements during the trial.

– The Dallas Morning News

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