New Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness about Bowel Cancer Screening

New Campaign Aims to Raise Awareness about Bowel Cancer Screening

A new campaign by Bastion and the Cancer Council Victoria is urging residents over the age of 50 to take advantage of the free bowel screening test kits sent to them. The campaign features a personal story from Laurie Cronin, Bastion’s creative director, who was diagnosed with bowel cancer after taking the test.

Cronin initially considered throwing the kit away, but his wife convinced him to take the test. The early detection of his cancer ultimately saved his life. Cronin emphasizes the importance of taking the test, stating that if he hadn’t done it, he would have died within a year.

The campaign’s message is clear: “Don’t take the risk, take the test.”

Cronin expressed his gratitude for being able to share his story and hopes to help Cancer Council Victoria save many lives through the campaign. He emphasizes the importance of bowel screening, stating that he would have died two years ago if he hadn’t taken the free test.

According to Kelly Dienaar, the Head of Media and Communications at Cancer Council Victoria, Australia has one of the highest rates of bowel cancer in the world. However, the disease can be easily detected at an early stage through the free screening test that all Victorians aged between 50 and 74 receive every two years.

The campaign aims to encourage people who have the test sitting at home to take action after hearing Cronin’s personal story. Dienaar expresses her gratitude towards Cronin for sharing his story so honestly and sincerely.

This campaign serves as a reminder of the importance of regular bowel screening and the potential for early detection to save lives. By raising awareness and encouraging action, Bastion and the Cancer Council Victoria hope to reduce the impact of bowel cancer in the community.

– Cancer Council Victoria
– Bastion

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