Remembering Blain Sonnenberg: A Proud Father and Dedicated Firefighter

Remembering Blain Sonnenberg: A Proud Father and Dedicated Firefighter

The late Blain Sonnenberg, a 27-year-old member of the Sts’ailus First Nation near Agassiz, was a man of many passions. His greatest joy came from his two daughters, Brooklyn and Trezley, who were the light of his life. Sonnenberg’s great aunt, Collette Jones, shared that he loved spending time with his girls, playing with them, sitting on the floor, and engaging in heartfelt conversations.

Sonnenberg also found fulfillment in his newfound career as a wildland firefighter. This summer, he worked for a private company contracted by the provincial government. According to Jones, Sonnenberg tried various jobs in the past, but none of them sparked the same passion within him as firefighting. He cherished the opportunity to save homes, lives, and the natural environment, relishing every moment spent in the forests.

Tragically, on Tuesday, Sonnenberg and three other firefighters lost their lives in a collision between their pickup truck and a semi truck while returning to the Kamloops base. The news of his untimely passing struck his family with disbelief and shattered their hearts. Jones expressed their deep sorrow, questioning why such a tragedy had to occur.

Despite the immense pain, the firefighting community in the eastern Fraser Valley rallied together to honor Sonnenberg in a funeral procession. People emerged from their homes, fire trucks lined the roads, and a solemn atmosphere prevailed as the procession made its way to the Sts’ailus First Nation. A traditional service took place, accompanied by powerful songs and drumming, offering solace and helping the grieving family move forward.

As the family mourns the loss of Sonnenberg, they are united in their support for Brooklyn and Trezley. A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to assist their mother in providing for them. The family recognizes that financial stress should not burden her during this difficult time and aims to provide support from a distance.

Sonnenberg’s large extended family finds comfort in treasured memories of him as a proud father and dedicated firefighter. He was devoted to his family, always placing them as his number one priority. His love, warmth, and dedication will forever be remembered by those whose lives he touched.

– Wildland firefighter: A firefighter who specializes in combating wildfires that occur in forests and wilderness areas.
– GoFundMe: A popular online crowdfunding platform used to raise money for various causes.

Source: Adapted from CBC News – “Community pays tribute to firefighter who died in collision, leaving behind 2 young daughters” (No URL provided).

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