Aurobindo Pharma’s Subsidiary Signs License Agreement to Develop Paediatric Pentavalent Vaccine

Aurobindo Pharma’s Subsidiary Signs License Agreement to Develop Paediatric Pentavalent Vaccine

Pharmaceutical company Aurobindo Pharma Ltd has announced that its subsidiary, Auro Vaccines Pvt Ltd, has entered into a license agreement with Hilleman Laboratories Singapore Pte Ltd. The agreement allows Auro Vaccines to develop, manufacture, and commercialize a paediatric pentavalent vaccine candidate.

Under the terms of the agreement, Auro Vaccines will make milestone payments to Hilleman Labs upon achieving certain development and clinical study outcomes. Additionally, royalties will be paid to Hilleman once the vaccine candidate is commercialized.

Aurobindo Pharma emphasizes that this license agreement will not have a significant impact on the company, its subsidiaries, or its financials. In a regulatory filing, the company states, “Please note that Auro Vaccines Private Limited is not a material subsidiary to the company and the aforesaid entry into a license agreement is not a material event. In the event of any significant impact in future, we will keep the exchanges informed about the same and provide necessary disclosures.”

Aurobindo Pharma is a major player in the pharmaceutical industry, with operations based in Hyderabad. The company aims to bring innovative and affordable healthcare solutions to patients worldwide. Auro Vaccines, its subsidiary, focuses on the development of vaccines to address critical healthcare needs.

This agreement represents a significant step towards the development of a paediatric pentavalent vaccine, which holds the potential to protect children against multiple diseases. It is a positive move towards improving global healthcare and addressing the medical needs of children in particular.

The licence agreement between Auro Vaccines and Hilleman Laboratories Singapore Pte Ltd signifies a collaboration between two pharmaceutical entities that aim to make a significant impact in the field of vaccination. By leveraging each other’s expertise, they can potentially bring this much-needed vaccine to the market, benefiting millions of children around the world.

– Auro Vaccines Pvt Ltd: A subsidiary of Aurobindo Pharma Ltd focused on the development of vaccines.
– Hilleman Laboratories Singapore Pte Ltd: A Singapore-based company specializing in vaccine research and development.

Aurobindo Pharma Ltd – Regulatory filing

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