Cyclothon Heart Screening Camp for Doctors: Promoting Heart Health Awareness

Cyclothon Heart Screening Camp for Doctors: Promoting Heart Health Awareness

Summary: In commemoration of World Heart Day, Aster CMI Hospital in Bangalore organized a Cyclothon event to promote heart health awareness. Renowned badminton player Yasmeen Shaikh flagged off the event which saw over 100 cycling enthusiasts ride a distance of 18.4 km. The event aimed to remind people of the importance of staying active and taking care of their hearts. As part of the World Heart Day celebrations, Aster CMI Hospital also conducted a free heart screening camp specifically for doctors to honor their dedication and selfless service to society.

Yasmeen Shaikh, an international badminton player and gold medalist for Karnataka, expressed the significance of the event in light of our sedentary and hectic lifestyles. She encouraged the people of Bangalore to adopt heart-healthy practices. SGS Lakshmanan, the COO of Aster CMI Hospital, emphasized the importance of recognizing doctors for their commitment to the healthcare system. He announced the free heart screening camp for doctors as a gesture of gratitude and acknowledgement for their selfless service.

Dr. Nagamalesh U M, the Lead Consultant in Interventional Cardiology at Aster CMI Hospital, highlighted the role of regular physical activity, such as cycling, in preventing heart disease. He urged everyone to reflect on their heart health and make positive lifestyle changes.

Aster CMI Hospital is renowned for its unparalleled medical services, which are supported by high-quality care, innovative technology, and qualified medical practitioners. The hospital’s commitment to promoting heart health is evident through initiatives like the Cyclothon and the free heart screening camp for doctors.

– Aster CMI Hospital
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