Get Ready for the Holidays: Free COVID-19 Tests Available for Mail Order

Get Ready for the Holidays: Free COVID-19 Tests Available for Mail Order

In anticipation of the holiday season, the US Department of Health has announced that four free at-home COVID-19 tests are now available for mail order. This initiative aims to ensure that individuals can take necessary precautions and prioritize the health and safety of their loved ones during gatherings and travel.

Starting November 20, households across the United States can conveniently place an order to receive four free COVID-19 rapid tests directly delivered to their homes. The tests will be shipped beginning the week of November 27, according to the federal website. The availability of these tests is also in response to the slight rise in COVID-19 cases observed in Allegheny County, with 379 cases reported in the week ending November 11.

The rapid antigen at-home tests provide results within just 30 minutes, making them an efficient option for testing individuals for COVID-19 symptoms. Whether you suspect you may be infected or simply want to ensure a safe gathering, these tests can offer peace of mind.

To further support accessibility, the US Department of Health also offers additional free tests through the Increasing Community Access to Testing (ICATT) program, specifically designed for uninsured individuals. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their insurance status, has equal access to vital testing resources.

Please note that some at-home COVID-19 tests have had their printed expiration dates extended. We encourage individuals to check the brand and lot number of their tests for accurate information regarding their expiration dates.

As we navigate the ongoing pandemic, prioritizing the health and well-being of ourselves and our loved ones remains paramount. By taking advantage of the free at-home COVID-19 tests available for mail order, we can all contribute to creating a safer holiday season.


Q: How can I order the free COVID-19 tests?
A: You can conveniently place an order for four free COVID-19 rapid tests through the US Department of Health’s official website.

Q: How long will it take for the tests to be delivered?
A: The tests will begin shipping during the week of November 27, ensuring prompt delivery to your home.

Q: Can I order more tests if I already ordered in September?
A: Yes! If you previously ordered tests in September, you are eligible to order another round. If you did not order tests in September, you may place two separate orders to receive a total of eight tests.

Q: Are these tests suitable for testing COVID-19 symptoms?
A: Yes, the rapid antigen at-home tests can be used to test individuals for COVID-19 symptoms, providing results within just 30 minutes.

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