AMI Network Unveils Strategic Approach to Healthcare Staffing

AMI Network Unveils Strategic Approach to Healthcare Staffing

AMI Network, a Los Angeles-based Healthcare Direct Hire Recruitment and Staffing Firm, has revealed its custom-tailored methodology for staffing in the rapidly evolving healthcare landscape. With a focus on community-based non-profits, long-term care, managed care organizations, behavioral health, and health science higher education institutions, AMI Network aims to provide qualified healthcare professionals across the United States.

The founder of AMI Network, Daniel Amitin, emphasizes the company’s commitment to addressing the challenges in healthcare, particularly in the areas of staffing and leadership gaps. “Our goal isn’t just to find people for jobs; we aim to do it fast and make sure they’re the right fit for our clients,” he states.

For clients with significant hiring requirements, AMI Network offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) as a custom solution. This tailored high-tech approach has proven to outperform even the strongest in-house recruitment teams.

In addition, AMI Network has recently hired Kaylin Legacy as the new head of the Staffing division. This move comes in response to the growing need for temporary hires in various healthcare sectors. Legacy’s team focuses on lightning-fast placements for Temporary and Contract-to-hire needs, ranging from Administrative Staff to Clinicians.

AMI Network differentiates itself by conducting in-depth searches for candidates who may not be found on traditional job boards. The company employs a headhunting approach, targeting off-market talent and presenting them with opportunities for career advancement and impact at organizations willing to invest in their future.

According to Amitin, their approach relies heavily on fostering relationships and providing consistent honest communication with clients. By becoming trusted partners and advisors, AMI Network delivers the best staffing services, offering accurate market analysis, honest feedback on candidates, and thorough searches to fulfill client needs.

AMI Network’s dedication to the healthcare industry and its commitment to values such as trust, respect, and work-life balance have earned the company recognition. It was ranked as a top 150 Recruitment Firm by Forbes and has been consistently recognized by as one of the top 19 Best Recruiting Firms in Los Angeles. AMI Network was also named one of GreatRecruiter’s Top Healthcare Recruitment Firms.

In addition to its professional endeavors, AMI Network actively supports organizations like the “Time for Change Foundation,” providing resources and training to homeless women to reintegrate into society by finding employment. The company is proud to bridge the labor gap in the healthcare space by providing job opportunities to candidates and helping clients find the talent they need to make a positive impact on their patients’ lives.

Source: AMI Network.

– Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO): The practice of outsourcing an organization’s recruitment processes to a third-party specialist firm.
– Behavioral Health Providers: Professionals who specialize in the treatment of mental and emotional health disorders.
– Temporary and Contract-to-hire: Staffing arrangements where employees are hired for a specific duration or with the possibility of being hired permanently after a contractual period.

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