Amalus Therapeutics: Pioneering a New Era in Treating Cancer and Fibrotic Diseases

Amalus Therapeutics: Pioneering a New Era in Treating Cancer and Fibrotic Diseases

Amalus Therapeutics, a cutting-edge spin-off from Ghent University, is making remarkable strides in the field of biotechnology. This innovative company is focused on developing a revolutionary class of drugs that target corrupt fibroblast cells, offering renewed hope for patients suffering from cancer or fibrotic diseases.

Led by Christian Stevens, a distinguished Professor of Bio-Organic Chemistry and the CEO of the company, Amalus Therapeutics aims to tackle the negative impact of fibroblast cells in difficult-to-treat cancers and fibrosis. Rather than employing traditional methods that often result in side effects and limited efficacy, the company has adopted a selective approach to disrupt the damaging fibroblasts.

Unlike other inhibitory treatments that also affect normal fibroblasts, Amalus Therapeutics has uniquely designed their drugs to solely target the corrupt cells, leaving the vital and normal fibroblasts untouched. By doing so, the company ensures that the drugs are well-tolerated and minimize any potential side effects. Animal models have shown promising results, with the products normalizing the tumor environment, significantly inhibiting metastasis, and activating the immune system.

The groundbreaking work of Amalus Therapeutics has attracted significant attention, both locally and internationally. The company has garnered recognition by being nominated for the prestigious ‘One-to-Watch Award’ by the Oxford Business Network in the United Kingdom. This accolade highlights the promising and innovative approaches employed by startups in the life sciences sector.

Amalus Therapeutics is set to make a profound impact in the field of oncology and fibrosis treatment. Their products not only demonstrate efficacy on their own, but also have the potential to enhance the effectiveness of standard therapies in oncology. This demand for improved patient outcomes and trusted treatment strategies has positioned Amalus Therapeutics as an industry leader in the fight against cancer and fibrotic disorders.


1. What is Amalus Therapeutics?
Amalus Therapeutics is a biotech company that specializes in developing drugs that selectively target corrupt fibroblast cells associated with cancer and fibrotic diseases.

2. How are their drugs different from other treatments?
Unlike other inhibitors, Amalus Therapeutics’ drugs exclusively target corrupt fibroblast cells while leaving normal fibroblasts unharmed, resulting in fewer side effects and better tolerability.

3. What are the potential benefits of their drugs?
Amalus Therapeutics’ drugs have shown promising results in animal models, including the normalization of tumor environments, significant inhibition of metastasis, and activation of the immune system.

4. Has the company received any recognition?
Amalus Therapeutics was nominated for the ‘One-to-Watch Award’ by the Oxford Business Network, which recognizes promising and innovative startups in the life sciences industry.

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