Affordability Remains Key Focus as Canadian Parliament Returns

Affordability Remains Key Focus as Canadian Parliament Returns

Affordability continues to be the main concern as members of the Canadian Parliament return from their ridings to Ottawa for the fall sitting. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal party have pledged new measures to address this issue, including the elimination of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) on new rental builds, emergency business loan extensions, and competition law reforms.

The opposition parties, including the Conservatives, New Democrats, Bloc Quebecois, and Green Party, are also prioritizing affordability in their agendas. Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre accused the Liberals of poaching his GST pitch, while New Democratic Party Leader Jagmeet Singh emphasized the need for concrete legislation to address affordability in a timely manner.

Each party has its own approach to tackling the affordability crisis. The Conservatives are promising a “stark” contrast to the Liberals and New Democrats, while the New Democrats are focused on standing up to profitable corporations and empowering the Competition Bureau. The Bloc Quebecois is prioritizing climate change, the cost of living for seniors, and immigration, while the Green Party is advocating for federal investments in housing, addressing the influence of oil companies, combating division, and enhancing food security.

The issue of affordability dominated the inaugural question period of the fall sitting, with housing affordability taking center stage. Trudeau highlighted the government’s efforts to increase the housing supply by working with municipalities to cut red tape and build more homes. The Liberals and opposition parties will also debate a bail reform bill targeting repeat violent offenders.

Overall, affordability remains the key focus as the Canadian Parliament reconvenes, with multiple parties vying to address this pressing issue in their own unique ways.


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