Exploring the Diversity of MBA Healthcare Startups

Exploring the Diversity of MBA Healthcare Startups

The healthcare industry, with its complexities and shortcomings, is an ideal space for entrepreneurial-minded individuals to make a significant impact. This sentiment is demonstrated by the numerous MBA-founded startups that have emerged in recent years, aiming to disrupt and improve various aspects of healthcare.

One such startup is Twentyeight Health, founded by Amy Fan, who experienced firsthand the challenges of navigating the healthcare system. Recognizing the need for a better way for individuals to access healthcare services, Twentyeight Health has secured a total funding of $16 million, making it one of the highest-funded healthcare startups founded by an MBA in the last five years.

However, Twentyeight Health is just one example of the innovative startups that have emerged to address healthcare industry issues. In fact, one-fifth of the startups on Poets&Quants’ list of the 100 highest-funded startups in 2023 were founded to solve problems within the healthcare sector. These startups range from AI-enabled tools for diagnosing kidney disease to 3D printed teeth aligners as a substitute for braces.

Let’s take a closer look at a few notable MBA-founded healthcare startups:

1. Brightline: Founded by Giovanni Colella and Naomi Allen, graduates of Columbia Business School, Brightline offers virtual behavioral health services for children, teens, and families. It connects patients with licensed therapists, psychiatrists, and behavioral health coaches through telehealth visits, care plans, and appointment tracking.

2. Leyden Labs: Launched by Koenraad Wiedhaup from Columbia Business School, Leyden Labs focuses on developing solutions to combat viral infections. Through the development of nasal sprays and other products, the startup aims to stop respiratory infections at the nose.

3. MBX Biosciences: Tim Knickerbocker, an MBA graduate from UCLA Anderson School of Management, founded MBX Biosciences. This biotech company specializes in peptide therapies to improve the treatment of endocrine disorders.

These startups represent the diversity of innovation within the healthcare industry, tackling a wide range of healthcare challenges. Whether it’s improving access to care, developing novel treatments, or leveraging technology for better patient outcomes, these MBA-founded startups are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in healthcare.


Q: What is the significance of MBA-founded healthcare startups?
A: MBA-founded healthcare startups bring fresh perspectives and entrepreneurial thinking to address the challenges and shortcomings of the healthcare industry.

Q: How much funding has Twentyeight Health received?
A: Twentyeight Health has secured a total funding of $16 million to date.

Q: What are some examples of MBA-founded healthcare startups?
A: Examples include Brightline, Leyden Labs, and MBX Biosciences, which focus on virtual behavioral health services for children, viral infection prevention, and peptide therapies, respectively.

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